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Biaggi of Snowy Paws
IA 18th Best Kitten 2005

Snowy Paws Xcelsior-Henderson
IA 10th Best Alter 2003

Snowy Paws Yogi
Seal Lynx Point Male

Snowy Paws Izzabella (Izzy)
Mother of Klondykk


Our History

Snowy Paws Birmans began in 1987, with the purchase of a Seal Point female. She came to us already bred and delivered her kittens October 13, 1987. She gave us 4 babies, and this was the beginning of our love affair with Birmans. Thru the years we have traveled many, many miles to Cat Shows across the US and Canada. We have met so many wonderful people and made a countless number of friends. We have been blessed with a number of cats and kittens that have finished with Inter-American wins. Snowy Paws Wynter Frost - 10th Best I-A Alter, 2001. Snowy Paws Xcelsior-Henderson-10th Best I-A Alter, 2003. Snoeeslipr Alexander of Snowy Paws - 16th Best I-A Kitten, 2004. Biaggi of Snowy Paws - 18th Best I-A Kitten, 2005.  Snowy Paws Charizma (Rizzy) - 2nd Best I-A Kitten, 2006. Moo-stasha of Snowy Paws - 4th Best I-A HHP, 2008. Snowy Paws Keep On Truckin ( Blue Somali male)- 9th Best I-A Cat, 2009. And the top prize in 2015 ACFA CAT OF THE YEAR, Snowy Paws Klondykk our lilac point male Birman.

Snowy Paws Klondykk
2015 ACFA CAT of the YEAR

Snowy Paws Klondykk